MTD Micro Molding testimony: 

“The High resolution features created with ultra-precise tooling means superior products. In-house tooling means a shorter, stronger development process”

Our Sarix 3D EDM milling machine is a very unique piece of equipment that creates cavity geometry by following a tool path similar to CNC milling, but the major difference is that the end mill is actually an electrode that can be as small as 5 microns.

SARIX Video MTD Micromolding


Sirris testimony: 

“3D micro-EDM-milling technology pushes the limits of micromachining, allowing the creation of high precision 3D micro-structures, whether they are complex positive or negative shapes.”

“The accuracy of the electrode in-situ grinding module combined with ultra-high precision spark generators allow the creation of cavities as small as a few tens of microns wide, with quasi-optical surface finishes and aspect ratios up to 1:50. Very hard, electrically conductive materials can be processed without any burrs, or thermal or mechanical stress.”

SARIX Video Sirris



The SX-COBOT automation cell integrates all process elements, including electrodes, guides, tools, and accessories. Beyond workpiece loading, the robot can switch drilling diameters, transition from guide-assisted drilling to 3D Micro EDM Milling, load measurement equipment, or perform additional flushing operations.

Utilizing RFID tags on all components, the system minimizes
machine downtime and enables round-the-clock operation, including unmanned night or weekend shifts