Micro EDM Drilling

High precision drilling

We lead the way in high-precision drilling for small holes, with diameters ranging from 10 μm to 4.0 mm, delivering burr-free holes of the highest quality.


Submerged tank solutions with high speed filling allow bet-ter drilling in safety conditions

High speed drilling

With the SX-HPS generator, we offer solutions for rapid holes drilling of several materials as carbide, steel and special alloys.

In aerospace as well as in stamping tools, it achieves high removal rates with minimal re-melting layer and no cracks

SX-BTD Breakthrough detection

Precision High-Speed Hole Drilling with Advanced Wall Breakthrough Detection for Enhanced Reliability.

Accurate Wall Breakthrough Detection with Zero Back Wall Interference

Deep Hole Drilling

We excel in extreme deep drilling across all diameters. Use our SX-MDH (Micro Deep Hole) for 0.10 mm holes up to15 mm deep, and the SX-HPS generator to achieve 0.8mm holes up to 230 mm deep.


We meet your most demanding drilling challenges!

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