Micro EDM Drilling machine​​

  • High Precision Micro EDM drilling
  • Fast hole drilling
  • Start hole
  • High Precision 3D Micro EDM Milling

The SX80 PULSAR machine completes the range of the SARIX Micro EDM Machines bringing effective cost reduction on the conventional hole drilling requirements.

TRAVEL AXIS: X=300 Y=150 Z=200 (mm)

± 2.0 µm, Resolution = 0.1 µm

AXIS FEED RATE:  Linear axis 1200 mm/min 

  •  The capacity of the SX80 PULSAR machine complete the range of the SARIX machines and brings effective cost reduction on the conventional hole drilling issues.
  • The simple SX-CNC allows with several options the evolution of the machine configuration up to multi-axis motion.
  • “High production concept” for complex drilling tasks through efficient multiple hole drilling sequences and multi-layer drilling.
  • SX-HMI, “On-board”, easy and user friendly unlimited programming and editing software, direct drilling macros, “on board” self-learning drilling technology.
  • Generator SX-MPS PULSAR , high performance SARIX Micro Pulse Shape EDM , with its associated Technology opens up new opportunities for faster, deeper, smaller and also precise holes.


  • Micro EDMing drilling technology with solid and tube electrode from 45 Microns to 3.0 mm.
  • Micro Holes, high Precision Micro holes and shape holes down to 20 Microns with Electrode Wire Shaping device (*).
  • High surface finishing capability down to Ra 0.1 and Ra 0.05 with the Micro Fine Pulse Shape generator SX-MFPS (*).
  • Automatic axis positioning control with hole depth control.
  • High precision Automatic electrode refeeding spindle with dielectric through flushing for continuous production (*).
  • High Speed Micro EDM drilling Technology with breakthrough-detection device (*).

*(on option)

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