The wide open machine generation

  • 3D Micro EDM Milling
  • Micro sinking with high surface finishing
  • Precision hole drilling
  • High speed Micro EDM drilling
  • Start hole

TRAVEL AXIS: X=350 Y=200 Z=200 (mm)

± 2.0 µm, Resolution = 0.1 µm

AXIS FEED RATE:  Linear axis 1200 mm/min 

  • Micro Fine and Ultra Fine Pulse Shape generator, SX-MFPS and SX-UFPS
  • Electrode diameter range from 0.035 to 3.0 mm, length up to 600 mm
  • Electrode automatic re-feeding and wear compensation rotating spindle, SX-A344L
  • Electrode changer through 8 electrode cartridge, SX-Revolver
  • Automatic electrode clamping collet, SP06 serie
  • Ultraprecision automatic collet from 0.030 mm, SP12
  • Automatic SP12 collet changer, SX-ACD
  • Electrode wire grinding device for electrode down to 10 micron, SX-Arianne
  • Laser Micrometer for non-contact measuring
  • SX-3D µEDM Milling CAM software for 3D complex structures
  • In process measuring and vision, SX-MVS

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