SARIX History


Having verified that despite of the various attempts made by the leading manufacturers of EDM equipment, no one was capable of satisfying the growing demand for an EDM machine to produce very small features and holes.
The company SARIX SA was founded in 1993 with the objective of satisfying this demand for EDM machines for the application of micro-erosion and micro-holes.

SARIX was founded by two engineers, Mr. E. Salim and Mr. G. Rigamonti, who between them have a vast experience of the application and development of the EDM process.

Prior to the founding of SARIX the machining of micro-holes had always been attempted on standard EDM machines or ones which were adapted from the standard, these machines used traditional EDM technologies.

The founders of SARIX have developed and built a new machine for micro-erosion. This machine uses a new technology especially conceived for this type of application.
This new approach involves the integration of impulses generated directly on the working spot, the use of patented high frequency impulses, as well as a new method of regulation of the pulses and digital checks. The development of this system and its associated technology has called for remarkable efforts and the total dedication of the engineers involved.


Since its first appearance on the market at the 1995 EMO exhibition in Milan, the SARIX technology has stimulated great interest in many fields of application, some of this are:

  • injectors for both diesel and gasoline engines
  • the precision engineering industry
  • the watch industry
  • the textile industry (spinnarettes and nozzles)
  • the electronic industry
  • the medical industry
  • aeronautics

In order to satisfy these various market demands, SARIX has developed a range of machines with different standards of precision capable of carrying our micro-machining and the production of micro-holes. These machines respond perfectly to the new market requirements of miniaturisation and precision.

While recognising the benefits of the SARIX process, the fuel injector market needed a solution that would enable it to meet the ever growing demand for its products.
In order to satisfy this demand, SARIX established a working partnership with the company Posalux SA of Bienne (Switzerland), this well-established company has a long standing reputation in the fields of automobile and mechanical production.

The liaison of the two companies brought about the production of the MICROFOR-HP4-EDM machine by Posalux. This machine received an enthusiastic reception from the automobile industry, which in turn has resulted in a remarkable number of orders from some of the largest organisations in the world (Lucas, Stanadyne, etc.).

SARIX has now established its position in the Swiss and European markets and is currently having further success throughout the rest of the world and now has machines installed in USA, Canada, Eastern Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and all Eastern Asia where agents have been appointed to support all these installation.


Sarix “stand alone machines”, special products and new developments are either handled by SARIX directly or, as in certain markets by agents who have been carefully selected and appointed after providing evidence of their capability of identifying the applications for the machine, presenting the product as a solution to the particular production problem and the fully supporting any after sales activity.

The application and sales of the SARIX technology for the production of injector for the automobile industry is handled by its partner in this area, Posalux.


As previously mentioned, the company SARIX SA was established using “venture capital”, this was made possible with the support of the subsidiary of the Gotthard Bank. It is anticipated that it will remain a shareholder for the foreseeable future.

SARIX also expects to benefit from a warranty granted by the special co-operative society of the Canton Ticino for the development of innovative technologies.
Due to the rapid development of SARIX’s market negotiations, they are under way to increase this warranty.
The company SARIX SA, as a part of the high technology industry, is fully supported by the Canton Ticino which, through its economic development office, has participated in the financing of the company’s technical developments.


Having established its place in the market and having valid support from both the shareholders and the financiers, SARIX is making a great effort to further improve both its production facilities and, more importantly, the after sales support it gives to its customers.

The development department is also under review with the object of increasing its size and efficiency, in order that it will be able to respond more quickly when asked to assist in resolving the problems associated with customers applications. Particular attention will be given to the medical, optical and automobile fields, as well as the aeronautical industry.

During the last three years the company’s turnover has been doubled each year and our goal is to continue. In the 1999 SARIX has also doubled its surface area.
The SARIX’ s team has been increasing steadily and actually is composed of 30 highly qualified persons.

By consolidating its manufacturing capability and development department, SARIX while both developing new applications and offering suitable support to both its existing and new customers. SARIX will maintain its position as leader in the field of micro-erosion and micro-holes.

We, the SARIX company, have made the application of EDM “Micro-erosion” to very fine machining operations economically attractive and advantageous, in a way that has not been possible until now with conventional EDM Systems, which are very expensive and uncompetitive in this field of applications. Now a days, large, costly, inflexible and cumbersome equipment is not longer necessary.

We, the SARIX company, have adapted the Micro-EDM technology to the demands of Micro-machining. Like you, we think that to undertake small precision work, only small machines are necessary, small in cost as well as dimensions, but large and versatile in terms of their benefits. We have achieved this thanks to the use of the right technology.