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Prototype subcontracting

All customers we serve have different applications needs. You can be sure that with the SARIX consolidated experience and expertise on the micro machining can customize our machining technology and services supply to meet your dedicated and specific requirements. 

We are proud to serve our clients solving their problems through our evolutive Micro EDMing technology. Our world-wide customers from research – development – prototyping up to mass production on the automotive, aerospace, medical, microelectronics, watch makers, micro-parts, micro-molding… rely to the constant evolution of our product to providing effective solutions.

Our service goals are on

  • Running your test trials
  • Subcontracting your prototyping parts
  • Running your initial pre-series production
  • Improving your technical requirements
  • Developing the machining performance before investing on SARIX’s machine
  • Achieving your specifications through cost effective solution
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