Features and devices

SX-Arianne • Wire Dress unit

Designed to produce micro-electrodes for micro-holes and micro-forms down to Ø 10 µm – Wire Ø 0.10 and 0.20 mm

SX-Laser measuring

Laser for electrode diameter/profile measuring for SX-Arianne – Resolution of 0.10 µm – Minimum measurement of 0.005 mm

SX-Rotary A/B axis

High precision A/B axis
A rotary axis ±115° – B rotation axis 360° – Direct axis measurement – Designed for 3R or EROWA chuck – Resolution 0.0001 degrees – Workpiece holder internal flushing

SX-CAM software • 3D Micro EDM Milling CAM

Software package – SARIX post-processor – ESPRIT SolidMill licence: 2.5D, PROD, 3D and Freeform

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