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The high performance SARIX machine range, coupled with automation cell, collet changer and evolutive features …


The high-performance SARIX machine range, coupled with the PULSAR generator and Micro EDM Technology,not only consolidates but also unlocks new possibilities for creating smaller, deeper, and more precise holes, all the way up to large and heavy parts. The inclusion of multi-axis CNC capabilities enables the handling of intricate workpieces where the performance of Micro EDM Machining is required.

The concept of ‘high production capability’ is realized through an efficient Multifunction Micro Machining machine, equipped with features such as an Automation cell, slide W-axis (Z2), C-indexing spindle, A/B tilting and indexing axis, and a streamlined multiple hole sequencing process.

Simplify Your Setup with SARIX machines & devices

To streamline setup and enhance operational efficiency, we’ve integrated process monitoring and optimization directly into our operator console. The inclusion of short-circuit sensors, temperature monitoring, and liquid level sensors guarantees a secure and risk-free operation. Additionally, our system features numerically controlled X, Y, and Z axes, accompanied by a diverse range of probing cycles, simplifying configuration tasks for the operator.

Optimize Your Life with Simplicity

Efficient and swift data input is achieved effortlessly through the operator console. Our system automatically determines the optimal technological parameters, factoring in electrode type, material, workpiece height, and electrode diameter. Programming and initiating probing cycles have been simplified to just a few intuitive commands.

Machines Data Sheet

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