WCMNM 2019 3rd World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing, September 10-12, 2019

SARIX at the WCMNM 2019

3rd World Congress on Micro and Nano Manufacturing September 10-12, 2019

Jointly organised by the 4M Association, the International Institution for Micro Manufacturing (I2M2) and the International Forum on Micro Manufacturing (IFMM)

Jointly organized by:

The Congress hopes to bring together the worldwide community of micro and nano manufacturing experts.

Congress Registration

SARIX as Micro EDM Machining world leader is one of the major official sponsor of this international congress.

Congress topics

 Micro fabrication technologies, process chains and process characterization

 Miniaturization of machines and equipment as well as associated issues such as tooling, fixturing, positioning, motion generation, sensors systems, and control

 Novel product designs, micro-assembly technologies and micro-handling

 Surface engineering and interface nanotechnology

 Process modeling and simulation

 Processing and characterization of smart materials, multifuctional materials, nanomaterials and material related issues in micro and nano scale

 Micro and nano additive manufacturing technologies

 Micro and desktop factory concepts, systems, components and modules

 Standardization in micro manufacturing and micro factories

 Applications of micro and nano technologies: microreactor technologies, microsensors and actuators

 Applications of both current and emerging micro-manufacturing methods and equipment, including those that bridge the nano- and macro-worlds

The congress will be held at the The Sheraton Raleigh Hotel in Raleigh.

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