High precision machining process combination

3D Micro EDM Milling
High Speed + Micro End Mill Milling

Perfect round holes
Concentric & accurate holes
Accurate complexe holes
Hole taper controlled
No angle limit
No burning effect
No material alteration
Without entrance and exit deformation
High productivity
High surface quality
High precision finishing

  • The versatility of the SX-200 Dual machine brings now new innovative possibilities on the 3D high precision Micro Machining.
  • The capabilities of the combination of the high speed end mill milling gives now the advantages of an effective machining time reduction.
  • Micro end mill used up to 60’000 rpm associated to the milling machining strategies of the SX-3D MillingCAM software prepares the fine roughing of the work piece.
  • The same Milling CAM software execute the finishing of the work piece with the SARX modul SX-3D Micro EDM MillingCAM through efficient machining electrode wear compensation and Micro EDM strategies.
  • The additional automatic electrode wear compensation and electrode re-feeding rotating spindle associated with the indexing function (C) and the electrode shaping on the Wire EDM device(SX-Arianne) opens up new opportunities of size and form electrode for a full continuous “One setup” machining process.
  • Micro EDMingmachining technology with solid carbide electrode from 45 Microns to 3.0 mm.
  • Micro EDM Millingof Micro forms and Micro structure down to 20 Microns.
  • Micro EDM Millinghigh surface finishing down to Ra 0.1with the SX-MFPS Micro Fine Pulse Shape generator.

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