The PULSAR is the new SARIX Micro EDM Controller.
PULSAR is the SARIX designed 5th Micro EDM controller generation in the evolution of the actual MPS Micro Pulse Shape Generator.


ADP® and DPM® Technologies
Analog Digital Pulse and Direct Pulse Motion Technologies

The best of the association of Analog and Digital
Technologies for the Micro and Nano pulse generation

The only amplified signal adapted
specifically for your Micro Machining needs

Controlled pulses by ultra-sophisticated technology
in combining two technology Analog and digital worlds

Infinitely configurable and always at top performance
thanks to lifelong free updates

The PULSAR 5th generation Micro EDM Control is based on the SARIX ADP® (Analog Digital Pulse) and DPM® (Direct Pulse Motion) devices.
The PULSAR ADP® combines the huge digital processing power of modern electronics with speed accuracy in the forming of extended analog Nano and Micro pulses.

The PULSAR DPM® brings a faster EDM-axis reaction for micro sparking efficiency of the finest Micro EDMing performance.

The ADP® and DPM® devices together with the continuous evolution of the machine build software allows the PULSAR generator to reproduce and control complex pulses at nanoseconds scales.

Pulsar animated 3


5° MICRO EDM Control

The new PULSAR generator platform offers great benefits in technology towards higher Micro EDM machining performance.

The ADP® and DPM® integrated Technologies devices in the PULSAR generator, improves speed, reduces the electrode wear rate and surface finishing of Micro EDM drilling and 3D Micro EDM Milling


Application example of the PULSAR benefit:


Diesel injectors with hole size of 0.10 mm within 1.2 mm depth

the EDM drilling cycle time has been reduced by 15%.


Cooling holes on blade and vane engines with hole on different entry angles – size of 0.35 mm within 3 to 6 mm depth

the EDM drilling cycle time has been reduced by 20-25%.





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