Micro EDM
Machining Center MACHLine

Twin Axis Processing Combination
Micro Laser Ablation
Micro EDM Drilling
High Speed EDM Drilling

  • Productivity Tools Integration
  • 8 Axis Controller
  • Multi-Diameter Electrode Changer
  • Larger Part Micro EDMing

MACHAero 8 axis

Up to two process heads are mounted on the high-dynamic, high-precision Micro EDM CORE X-Y-Z Module. This module is the core of the machine and is optimized for micromachining performance.
This module is carried by the positioning axis U, V, while the part is positioned with the W, A, B axis.
The Automatic Electrode Changer guarantees long machining autonomy. Electrodes of different diameter can be automatically used with the Multi-Diameter collet.
Complex cavity structures and high profile casting are machined by the High Speed EDM Drilling process with the proven SARIX Breakthrough Detection.
Programming a part with round holes or diffuser holes is easy even on complex surface parts thanks to the SX-CAM Aero, developed specifically for the turbine industry.

The MACHLine is a family of Micro EDM machining centers and contain a unique combination of high precision machining capability to process large parts and high productivity.
All EDM axis are concentrated in a core unit, a X-Y-Z module that is lightweight, very accurate and with high dynamic. Large positioning axis U, V, W applies the micromachining precision to larger parts.
The EDM core module carries two Z-axis that can be fitted with independent process unit: the Twin Axis capability.
Customer can choose the best head configuration for the maximal performance. Process combination on the Twin axis unit can also be extended to complementary processes like Micro EDM and Micro Laser Ablation as proposed by SARIX for aircraft and the gas turbine industry for ceramic-coated components …
All features of the MACHLine models are optimized for productivity. The optional tool changer unit automatically loads electrodes of different diameter.
The new multi-diameter collet can change the working diameter and maintains optimal flushing conditions with each diameter.
The large displacement of the U, V, W axis allow to machine large parts or the loading of multiple part pallets.
In the MACH Aero model the machine has 2 indexing axis for the positioning of complex shaped parts.
Through the large front window, the operator has an ideal accessibility and visibility of the working area.