Micro Deep Hole Drilling Technology
SX-MDH Drilling device


The best high precision deep hole drilling
technology for the extreme deepest and smallest hole

The perfect deep hole drilling motion control
specially developed for the carbide drilling needs

Micro EDM pulses controlled by the SX-MPS generator
combined with a non contact electrode guiding

A worldwide patented process using a magnetic fields
for the smoothest micro drilling motion

The astonishing results obtained by the combination
of a “play free” guide reaching 0.10 mm hole to 15 mm

SARIX has achieved a further breakthrough in the high precision micro EDM deep hole drilling.
With the combination of the SX-MPS Generator Technology and an advanced mechanical solution the SX-MDH device can reach holes of 100 microns with stringent tolerances down to +/-5 micron.

Facts and results

Hole diameter range
from 100 to 150 microns

Hole depth/diameter ratio
up to 150

Hole straightness and
hole deviation
below 5 microns

Perfect electrode guiding
for a maximal precision

Machine requirements

Machine SX-100, SX-200
NEW PULSAR machine
SX100 and SX200
all with SX-MPS or MFPS generator

rotation SX-A344 serie
with or without C indexing function

Automatic electrode re-feeding collet
SP06, SP08 or SP10 type

High precision electrode SE03