4M /IWMF 2016 Conferenze at Lyngby- Denmark from 13th to 15th September 2016

SARIX at the 4M – IWMF 2016 Conference – Lyngby- Denmark from 13th to 15th September 2016

SARIX as one of the major official sponsor of this Micromanufacturing conference since the last 12 years, is present again at the 4M 2016

These thematics sessions of the 4M/IWMF 2016 will be on original research and development in processes and process chains for multi-material nano/micro/meso scale manufacture, in particular but not limited to:

  Components: fabrication technologies and process chains
  Systems: novel product designs and assembly technologies
  Process modelling and simulation
  Process characterisation including process chains
  Metrology: on-line monitoring and inspection systems/methods
  Materials: processing and characterisation of smart materials and material related issues in micro and nano scale
  Micro and Nano Additive Manufacturing Technologies

In addition will including contributions to the International Workshop on Microfactories (IWMF2016) on the following topics:

  Micro and Desktop Factory Concepts, Systems, Components and Modules
  Standardization in Micro Manufacturing and Micro Factories
  High Precision Production of 3D Micro-parts
  Micro-assembly and Micro-handling

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